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The Savage [beast]

Height: 10 inches | Width: depends

Polymer clay sculptured base [created 2002]. Vitreous glass, glass jewels, stained glass, mirror, millefiori. Four colours of grout: charcoal, delorian grey, quarry red and a custom mix of charcoal and grey; thinset and [the ocasional use of] epoxy putty.

About the piece

Abby was sculpted in 2002... I wanted to make a Rottweiler doll head but he didn't come out like I wanted - he looked more like a Pit Bull.

So, I put him on my TV and forgot about him. In January 2005 after getting the show schedule for EBSQ and seeing that there was a 3D show, I was looking for something else to enter other than Jessica... and I saw him looking at me.

So, here he is. While he was created specifically to enter into EBSQ's "Tangible: Art as Object" show where he took a Member's Mention award against sculptural entries - he is something that I wanted to try.

His EBSQ page can be reached by clicking >here<. The page will open in another window...


Society of American Mosaic Artists member

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