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The story behind 'Mr. Chips' - 1999

Living forever in the private collection of Jan Cooper

Jan Cooper has for years been one of 'those people' who has given and given to the Rottweiler breed, actually... any dog breed threatened by Breed Specific Legislation, without asking for anything in return.

In 1999 she was involved in a serious auto accident that laid her low for a while. I heard about it on Rottie-L, one of the Rottweiler Internet lists.

It was one of those moments everyone suffers from - you want to help, but don't quite know how.

I decided that I would make her this panel without telling her and just send it to her.

After I cajoled a photo from her [above] and finished the piece, I boxed it up and told her to expect a package.

When I called the evening of delivery, her husband answered the phone and told me I had made her cry...

Random acts of kindness can be uplifting to all concerned... try it sometime.

The original photograph - which was actually
a video capture - that Jan sent me.

The photograph that I took right after completion
- branded for my Web site at that time.
Sadly, things do get lifted from Web pages..

Mr. Chips graces the 2005 Rott-N-Kids calendar - I was unaware of it till Jan called to tell me about it... Details about the calendar can be found by clicking >here<. The info is in the left navigation bar.

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