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Eclectic, by definition, refers to taking the best from different methods or styles, or something composed of elements drawn from various sources. That is as good a definition as I have heard for the art of mosaics. Because of my background in sculpture, acrylics and glass and the incorporation of those experiences into my mosaics - I feel the term firmly applies to what I do.

'Painting with glass'...

I am self-taught in mosaics and stained glass. I have been working in mosaics for over 13 years, five years as a primary art form, worked in stained glass for over 15 years - have been painting with acrylics for about eight, and I have been drawing forever.

I use vitreous glass, ceramics, stained glass, unglazed porcelain and found items bonded to a sealed surface (terra cotta, MDF, custom creations) with either thin-set cement or PVA glue. Finished, dried works are completed with a sanded grout - either custom colored or readily available. I also sculpt...

About myself

I was born in Tampa, Florida while my father was assigned to MacDill Air Force Base. I served over 20 years in the U.S. Army - retiring from that in 1999. I currently work for a major daily newspaper as an editor. I do page design and light writing... click here if you are interested for a listing of design awards.

Why I do this...

I create mixed and multimedia art - mosaics, sculpture, acrylics - things I would be proud of having in my home that reflect my imagination, which is quite active. But, in what ever I do, I'm driven to be very precise on representation - sometimes to the point of distraction because I'm into quality, not quantity, i.e. "Would I hang this in my bedroom?"...

Humour plays a tremendous part in my art... I learned many years ago that if you can't laugh at a situation - or yourself - it's time to find another road. I finally found my road after years of walking another.

- Paula Nelson

Postscript: In the summer of 2004 I was putting a running commentary on this site in regards to the weather - specifically in regards to the now infamous hurricane season which had me evacuate three times.

That was way too complicated to keep up with considering the speed and frequency those beasts were coming in - so I broke down and now have a blog or two which I use as a running commentary on work in progress and whatever is getting my attention at the moment.

Stepping beyond that - I am also on Facebook, Twitter and Tribe. Come visit and enjoy.






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